FunBlog Tour - Quick Links
step 1   Set logo & profile

Creating a profile is fun and easy. Just go to 'Control Panel' page to update your logo or profile. Your personal information such as phone number or contact will be kept private and confidential.

update logo or profile

step 1   Build your FunBlog

Let the FUN start! Post your videos, pictures, tones and games to your FunBlog:
   - From your desktop
        'Control Panel' page is one stop for you to build or update your FunBlog.
        You can upload your photos, tones or videos there.
        You can share any online videos from Youtube, Google, Metacafe,, Dailymotion, Photobucket.
        You can also create albums, add journals or links there.
   - From your camera phone
        Each FunBlog has a private eMail address.
        You can eMail stuff to your FunBlog right from a camera phone.

control panel

You take full control of your stuff. Options are provided to set stuff as 'Private' (means Just For you!) or 'Public' (means For everyone!). You can edit or delete them anytime.

You have control.

step 1   Browse FunBlogs

Finding what others have is made easy! Just go to the 'MEMBER' page. Simply use the serach feature to find exact mobile content you're looking for or member's FunBlogs using various criteria, such as age, phone model, location.
Browse through everyone's "Friends List" is also a great way to explore.

You have control.

step 1   Friends & Favorites

Invite old friends and meet the new ones. If you find a FunBlog member you are interested, you can add him/her to your friend list. Private Messaging is a great way to quickly communicate to your friends directly from your FunBlog. You may also send SMS from your FunBlog.

If you like a particular tone, video or photo, just SAVE it. It will show up in your 'My Favorite' album.

You have control.

step 1   Mobile Phone Download

Your FunBlog is also a mobile web (WAP) site. It can be easily accessed from any internet enabled mobile phones. Just enter your FunBlog url on your phone, you can view/download your mobile content and share them with friends.

You have control.

Two more options also available for you to download contents in FunBlogs:
    Each video, picture or tone has a WAP DOWNLOAD CODE.
(2) Send To Phone

Best of all, you are connected with your friends on your phone. Just click on friends and check their FunBlogs. You'll be amazed at all the interesting stuff you are associated with through your network of mutual friends!

You have control.

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