Steps Making A 3GP Mobile Video

Download and install the 3gp video converter: SUPER
If you have problem downloading from above link, try this.

Step 1

Start SUPER. Drag and drop your video file on SUPER.

Step 2

Select Output Container as "3gp (Nokia/NEC/Siemens)"
Select Output Video Codec as "H.263"
Select Output Audio Codec as "AAC"

Step 3

Select video scale size.
Select Bitrate kbps as 96 or less. The bigger the Bitrate kbps, the larger the 3gp file size.
uncheck "Stretch It" if you want.

If you need to cut the length of the video or adjust the volume, click the 'Other Opts'. The following window will pop up

Check the appropriate checkboxes. Adjust the volume bar.
What shown in the above window means: start from 10 sec, encode 30 sec, adjust the volume to 236.

Step 4

Select Sampling Freq. The bigger the Sampling Freq, the larger the 3gp file size.
Select Channels. 2 Channels will result in a 10% increase in 3gp file.
Select Bitrate kbps as 48 or less. The bigger the Bitrate kbps, the larger the 3gp file size.

Step 5

Highlight your video file and right click. You will get the following popup window. Select "Specify the Output Folder Destination" to set the output folder.

Step 6

Check the checkbox of your video file, then click on "Encode" button.

A 3gp file is created in your output folder. It's done.

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