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how can i make my own tone 4 this site?

kool-aid man

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07-07-09 00:42 
i downloaded the tone maker but it did not work

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08-17-09 19:11 
This forum is very helpful. Thank you. Thumb Up

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02-06-10 14:52 
I got boost an i need help

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06-06-10 10:59 
no, you don't need help, you need a new carrier


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09-28-10 18:42 
Fqqor help making ringtones, go to the help page, and select ringtone maker. There is a step by step guide to help you through.


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02-21-11 20:32 
To make your own ringtone, go to the help section, then select Ringtone Maker, from there you will go through a step by step guide on how to make a ringtone.

If you are trying to upload a tone you already have from the PC select Upload Tone on the control panel. To upload a tone from your phone, send it to your personal upload email address located under the my account section of your page.


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