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Bluetooth for phone-2-phone transfer



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07-05-07 14:39 
I use a Cingular Sync.
I was looking to hook up two phones using bluetooth for file transfers.
I know my phone/bluetooth works
I have no problem doing it with another Cingular Sync.
I have no problem doing it with a Razr that uses Cingular.

But I tried to connect with a phone that was on Verizon, I believe it was an LG VX8300?

I couldn't do it.
Actually, I could connect, but I couldn't transfer data.
I found no way to send files from the LG, and when I tried to send to the LG, my phone blanked out as if it had completed, but the LG said that there was a problem with the receiving phone (which was the LG)

I did not know what the phone capabilities were as far as file transfer, so I found Razr that is also Verizon. I could connect with the Razr, but could not transfer to or from.
~~~The original Razr was Cingular, the one that did not work was Verizon~~~

Is this something to do with Verizon?
Or simply the fact that they are different carriers?

Any Ideas?????


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07-23-07 01:58 
Some phones don't have the extra "ftp" profile. Ya would have to google for the spec's to find out. ftp is file transfer. I have it on my sanyo 8400.


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08-09-07 05:10 
a little late but w/e, verizon blocked the object push option ( sharing files ) so you cant use it


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