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10-17-10 00:37 
I just downloaded a bunch if ringtones for my iPhone 4. They came as texts. I opened the links and tapped download. They opened and played. Where are they now? I can't find them anywhere. Does anybody have an iPhone 4 that can answer this for me? Please and thank you!

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10-17-10 01:09 
the iphone, like most smart phones, is not very download friendly. all you were really doing was streaming them instead of downloading and playing. just about anything apple is made to be used only with other apple products.
while there are a few 'hacks' and 3rd party apps that would allow you to download content, direct with the phone, the forum rules doesn't permit discussion of them. and since i am not an iphone user, i could not give exact details anyhow.
the best thing i can say, is to download to your pc and import them to your itunes. this will allow you to put them on your phone.


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07-29-11 03:53 
I also have a iPhone and have found several apps that let's u create tones but thn u have to some how connect it to pc iTunes n sync... But for some reason I'm unable even wit the tutorials thy have on you tube. It's not easy as jus dragging...

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07-29-11 05:19 
Ok so I figured it out finally ok go to apps download a ringtone maker but first u must have music in ur iTunes once u download app it will tell u to pic a tune n thn u will b able to pick a verse or waterer thn click save. Ok next u must hook iPhone to pc, go to preferences n make sure Ringtones is checked. Them click on ur iPhone link click apps click waterer ringtone maker thn scroll dwn and u will see the song right click n save to pc Once u have done that double click it n it will open wit iTunes Check ur ringtone folder to the left to make sure it's there. Then u click phone link again click ringtones tab n u will see where ringtones is checked n click apply or sync n there u go lol

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07-06-12 13:46 
i just tried your way and i got it to work but when i synced the ringtone to my phone it took all my music off? any idea why? or how i can put ringtones on without it taking all my music off?

Meiko Honma

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07-09-12 19:16 
by any chance what do you mean by it took your music off?
do your other music files disappear or are you not able to play them anymore?


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Recover WhatsApp Messages on iPhone

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