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03-11-08 01:42 
Mad Shoot I was just informed that Metro has decided to blocked this site because they are tired of people downloading stuff for free. So now you have to pay to have ringtones. I was also told that they have no plan on removing the block. So if you have metro, I would suggest that you complain to metro about they're decision to block the use of your internet to go onto this site. You pay them money for your service and you should get the full benefit of it. I know that I don't want to have to pay more money than I already have to for ringtones on my phone.


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03-11-08 04:18 
Help I complained to them over the phone. I was told that I would not be able to access it because they were tired of their customers downloading content for free. Not only this site, but several others that they did not name. So We Metro PCS Customers are stuck paying for content from them, or you have to go out and buy a usb and memory card to get the content you want. I don't know about you, but I think that this is a bunch of bull. I have been a loyal customer to them for 5 years now and all of the sudden I am told that I can't go to a site that I have been going to for quite some time. I am calling for all my fellow Metro people to file a complaint with the company. If you think this is unfair, join me in letting Metro know that we have the right to go to any site we want because we pay for the service.


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03-11-08 11:36 
You paid for the phone, you paid for internet service, Metro PCS has no right to block you from accessing your own wap pages.

Call Metro PCS and file a complaint. Voice your right. That's the way to help yourself. 888.863.8768 or 611.


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03-11-08 16:02 
Thanks for heads up it figures Metro pcs would pull some mess like this. I couldnt access the fun for mobile site from my phone last night I would get a please call customer service message now I know why heading over to the metro pcs site now. Frustrated


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03-11-08 18:55 
I haven't been able to go on since Sat. As long as we pay for service we should be able to go where the hell we want on our own phones .... :) gl everyone!


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03-11-08 22:27 
I was told by a tech from the Metro Customer Service Number (*611 or 888-8metro8) that they were tired of the customers downloading free content from this site so therefore blocked the site. I started experiencing this problem Thursday night. I called Metro several times last night and the night before because the web browser was messing up. I think that the patch to block this site was affecting the web browser completely, so they had to remove it. I also think that they probably got enough calls about the browser that they had no choice. I don't think that they are allowed to block you from a site just because they think they are losing money. The have Metro in 5 states. They aren't losing money. They charge alot of money for the phones, and then you have all the add-ons that you either have to put on the phone or you want to put on the phone. Depending on what state you live in (I live in California) you have taxes to pay on the bill as well. Plus, if you pay at one of the affiliate stores, you end up paying another $3.00 just to pay they phone bill through Q-Pay. I think that if they try to block this site again, they just might have a whole lot of problems with their customers. Just do what I did and keep complaining to them. They will eventually get the hint. Thumb Up


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04-03-08 19:47 
I suggest reading your service agreement to see if there is any clause that allows them to block content. They're given reason sounds as if it would be illegal for them to block this site. If their reason was bandwith issues then they prob would have a reason. Hmm.... do I smell a class action law suit?

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04-08-08 17:00 
For people still having problems trying to get onto funformobile from their Metro phones, try this url: It is another way to get to funformobile. Also, for metro users that have the motorokr Z6M, the software version that is on the phone is not compatible. Metro is supposed to be working on a patch to fix this. They say they don't know how long it will take. It might work one day and not work the next. Complain to metro if you have the MotoRokr Z6M.


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05-11-08 01:24 
My phone works on this site still..n i have metro, motorola slvr..but one thing i did notice was that on my phone when i download a ringtone n i dont store it, it still shows up in the ring detail menu as q~10290 or something like that, because when i wanted to set a ringer it showed like 30 of those and it started making my phone slow..


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