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Transfer Android Contacts to Huawei P9



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Three months on since the Huawei P9 launched, IĄŻve been using the handset as my main phone day in and day out. ItĄŻs meant IĄŻve gotten a real feel for the good and bad parts of HuaweiĄŻs current flagship smartphone.

So, it is worth to own a new Huawei P9, if you need to copy the contacts from your old Android Samsung, lg, htc, sony, zte, motorola phone to your new Huawei P9 smartphone, we're here to help.

Method to Transfer contacts from android phone to Huawei P9:

Mobile Transfer is a simple and easy data processing software. It can help you systematically import contacts from one mobile phone to another. And the whole process is risk-free. You don't have to worry about the software that will damage your contacts or other data. In addition, you can also use Mobile Transfer to back up your mobile phone files or delete the phone files.

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Phone Transfer software which allows you to transfer contacts between any Android devices or from Android to iPhone without any restrictions. Also, other files like messages, photos, videos, music, apps and many more can be perfectly supported. Aside from sync files between Android and iPhone, this software can also support other devices as long as they are running Android, iOS or Symbian, Windows, BlackBerry system, etc.. So, you can easily Transfer Android Contacts to Huawei P9/P9 Plus by using this tool.


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To Transfer Android Contacts to Huawei P9 , you have to find a tool which can supports almost all Android phones and allows you to transfer data like contacts from one device to another directly. Mobile Transfer tool offers us an easy way. With it, we can directly transfer data like contacts between them.


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